The Product Owner is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining a product vision and market strategy;
  • Product management;
  • Ordering and managing the Product Backlog;
  • Involving stakeholders and end-users in Product Backlog refinement and backlog management;
  • Alignment with other Product Owners when needed from an overall product, company or customer perspective

A Great Product Owner…

  • Embraces, shares and socializes the product vision
  • Exceeds the customer’s expectation
  • Is empowered
  • Orders the product backlog.
  • Knows modeling techniques.
  • Shares experiences.
  • Owns user story mapping.
  • Has a focus on functionality.
  • Is knowledgeable
  • Understands the business domain.
  • Acts on different levels.
  • Knows the 5 levels of Agile planning.
  • Is available.
  • Is able to say ‘no’.
  • Acts as a “Mini-CEO”.
  • Knows the different types of valid Product Backlog items.
  • Takes Backlog Refinement seriously.




If we focus on profit over value to customers, we will obtain neither. If we focus on visible customer value over profit, we will profit.
Wikispeed Principle